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2010 Seventh Annual Employment Law Conference

On Thursday, October 7, 2010, Kramer Rayson Will Present The Seventh Annual Employment Law Conference. The Topics And Speakers Are:

Employment Law Update
Edward G. Phillips Annual update of Supreme Court and significant federal and Tennessee appellate decisions with special emphasis on implications for employers in key areas, including discrimination based on race, gender, age, disability, harassment, retaliation, the FMLA, arbitration of employment disputes, employer investigations, the statutes of limitations in disparate impact cases, and many more.
The Wage and Hour Investigators are Coming: Be Prepared
Robert L. Bowman Newly enacted regulatory strategies by the federal government are targeting business owners and their employees, leading to increased federal enforcement actions and collective action lawsuits. The Department of Labor has also recently hired three hundred new investigators-is your business ready for them? Learn how to comply and make sense of the recently announced “Plan/Prevent/Protect” regulatory enforcement initiatives by the United States Department of Labor.
Update on Government Contractor Employment Issues
John C. Burgin Jr. Congress has amended the False Claims Act retaliation provision (twice in the last two years), it has enacted several new retaliation statutes and there are new members of the DOL Administrative Review Board. This breakout session will focus on the latest legislative, judicial and administrative employment law developments that primarily affect government contractors.
Be Prepared for when the Government Comes Knocking: I-9 and Other Immigration-Related Audits
Kate E. Tucker In the last year, the federal government has increased funding designated for certain immigration-related enforcement programs, focusing on compliance with I-9 regulations, the employment of illegal immigrants, and the H-1B Program. This breakout session will provide you with the tools necessary if you are the target of an audit. And in light of the current political climate, we will discuss the latest status of immigration reform.
Kathy Metts
Impact Associates
Business Etiquette for the High Impact Professional
Cubicle Confidential – Employee Privacy in the Workplace
Charles E. Young Jr. What are an employee’s reasonable expectations of privacy at work? How can employers best manage those expectations? The answers may surprise you – the technology involved is important, but so are the inevitable human factors. Get the latest case la developments in this rapidly changing area.
Promises, Promises…Litigation
Betsy J. Beck How can simple offer letters, answering questions about benefits, etc. land an employer in hot water? Sometimes fairly easily, as we’ll discuss in this topic. You will hear examples of how an employer’s communications can create promises it never intended to make with costly results. Before you get caught making “promises, promises,” learn how contract law, promissory estoppel, intentional or negligent misrepresentations, and ERISA impact what you should and should not say to a current or prospective employee. Learn where the dangers lie and how to avoid them.
Solving the Employee Leave Puzzle: Once Step at a Time
John E.Winters
Every employer faces requests for medical leave from time to time. Is the answer to your employee leave dilemma found in the ADA and its amendments, the newly revised FMLA regulations, the expanded Tennessee Parental Leave Act, the Tennessee Workers’ Compensation Act, or some other law? What rights do you the employer have when an employee requests some type of leave? Our panel of experts will discuss practical strategies for addressing workplace medical leave issues. We will walk through examples of common (and uncommon) situations, discuss the applicable laws, and suggest approaches to managing medical leaves while minimizing risk.

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