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2011 Eighth Annual Employment Law Conference

On Thursday, October 6, 2011, Kramer Rayson Will Present The Eighth Annual Employment Law Conference. The Topics And Speakers Are:

Employment Law Update
Edward G. Phillips Discussion of the latest Supreme Court and significant Federal and Tennessee appellate decisions and legislation that impact employers on key issues, including discrimination based on race, gender, age, disability harassment, association retaliation, “cat’s paw,” constitutional privacy, class action developments, summary judgment and many more.
Workplace Investigations: Getting it Right
Betsy J. Beck No employer is immune from employee complaints of harassment, discrimination, retaliation, and the like, but how an employer responds to complaints can have a critical impact on employer liability. In this session, we will discuss the elements of an effective internal investigation, from the complaint through the investigation’s conclusion (and beyond). You will learn how to decipher harassment and discrimination complaints from regular workplace grumblings, how to investigate complaints, when to use an outside investigator, and how to conclude investigations. We will also examine some recent cases for discussion of what some employers did right – and what landed other employers in hot water.
Morning Break
Recent Developments, New Trends, and Old Exposures in Employment Practices: A Guide to Legal and Insurance Topics
Robert L. Bowman Michael Santocki Employment Practices Liability Insurance (“EPLI”) provides coverage for employment law-related claims. An EPLI executive and an attorney who frequently represents EPLI insureds share their knowledge and experience on the current state of the marketplace and how to avoid unexpected pitfalls and maximize protection afforded by the insurance product.
Legal Ethics for the 21st Century Workplace
John C. Burgin, Jr. Representing employer clients in the 21st Century often requires some knowledge of social media, working with traditional media looking for a sensational story and institutional clients who are increasingly viewing attorneys as a fungible commodity rather than a trusted relationship. This breakout session explores the ethical issues that can arise for attorneys in the contemporary workplace.
Lunch Speaker
David J. Rittof Modern Management, Inc. An entertaining and insightful presentation on the role of communication in the workplace and its function for feedback, clarity of direction and development of leadership.
OMG! R U Serious? Social Media for Employers
William J. Carver Through social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, employees can publish information about themselves and your organization across the Internet. The publication of this information invokes many employment law questions. This entertaining session addresses the impact of social media on employment law issues ranging from hiring to termination, including harassment, retaliation, privacy, discrimination and many more. This session will also identify ways employers can utilize social media without exposing themselves to various claims from employees.
The New NLRB: “Tilting the Playing Field”
Steven E. Kramer Quickie elections, required pro-union postings, changing reporting requirements to chill use of legal counsel during a union campaign, the Boeing case and more. Beyond traditional industry, the health care, service and construction industries are being specifically targeted. We will discuss specific proactive measures to limit your risks.


Afternoon Break
Navigating the Retaliation Minefield
John E.Winters
Courts and Congress are expanding the classes of people protected from retaliation, broadening the definition of adverse action by an employer in retaliation claims, and more. The risk of “winning the battle but losing the war” seems greater than ever. Using hypothetical scenarios, our panel of experts will engage you in an interactive discussion of specific strategies for addressing workplace retaliation issues. In this session, we will tackle examples of the obvious and the hidden retaliation dangers, including associational retaliation.

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