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2012 Ninth Annual Employment Law Conference

Edward G. Phillips Employment Law Update

Discussion of the latest Supreme Court and significant Federal and Tennessee appellate decisions and legislation that impact employers on key issues, including discrimination based on race, gender, religion, age, disability, retaliation, wage and hour, family and medical leaves of absence, class and collective action developments, and many more.

Shannon Coleman Egle Affordable Care Act – Overview of Key Provisions of the ACA Which Affect Employers

After much anticipation and speculation, on June 28, 2012, the Supreme Court of the United States by and large upheld the ACA as Constitutional. Because of this decision, employers must continue to comply with the provisions of the ACA that are already in effect, as well as prepare to comply with those provisions with a future effective date. This session will briefly explore the history of the ACA, as well as provide an overview of key provisions of the ACA which affect employers.

Morning Break
Betsy J. Beck
Reasonable Accommodation: The New ADA Focus

With a broad expansion of the definition of “disability,” the focus of disability discrimination has shifted to reasonable accommodations. In this session, we’ll explore when a request for reasonable accommodation has been made, types of reasonable accommodations, and the required interactive process. We’ll also provide a case law update on how courts are managing the new ADAAA and a list of employer tips for ADA compliance.

Roy F. Kramer Lunch Speaker

The retired Commissioner of the Southeastern Conference, Chairman of the NCAA Infractions Committee and Grandfather of the BCS, Roy Kramer, will provide entertaining insight on current events in intercollegiate athletics.

William J. Carver Social Media – Managing Its Usage in the Workplace

This session will explore strategies for using and managing social media within the workplace. Learn ways to effectively use social media when making employment decisions, and learn how to avoid pitfalls of improper oversight and monitoring.

Breakout Session 1

Kate Tucker

Tennessee Immigration Law Update

Perceiving a shortcoming in federal immigration law, several states have passed laws purporting to “get tougher” on illegal immigration. Tennessee recently passed the Tennessee Lawful Employment Act, placing certain employment verification obligations on employers. This presentation will provide an overview of employers’ existing obligations under federal law (I-9 compliance and enrollment in E-Verify), and compare Tennessee employers’ new obligations under the newly enacted state law.

Breakout Session 2

Jack Burgin

Dummies for Ethics

Learn from the worst. A mostly painless survey of ethical problems litigators have created for themselves over the last year. We will also discuss recent decisions on the potential clash between ethical rules and attorney free speech rights (in and out of the courtroom), the ethics of cloud-based computing, ghostwritten pleadings, and update you on the latest technology-driven proposed changes to ethical rules.

Afternoon Break
John E. Winters, Moderator Negotiating the Minefield of Problematic Employees

Using hypothetical scenarios, our panel of experts will engage you in an interactive discussion that touches upon a wide array of employment-related issues. During this session, our experts will tackle novel Title Vii-related issues, retaliation in the workplace, leave requests and the recently implemented disability regulations.