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Kramer Rayson’s Executive Director is responsible for overseeing all financial, firm management, marketing, public relations, and attorney hiring and retention functions. This includes overseeing Firm financial planning and management, developing and implementing comprehensive marketing plans (both short and long-range with the goal of generating new business), building upon existing business as well as attorney recruiting and retention programs. In addition, the Executive Director continually builds and enriches Kramer Rayson’s brand with current and potential clients and attorneys.‍

Financial Management and Oversight

Work alongside Firm Staff in all aspects of Firm financial management;

Oversee all aspects of Firm tax planning and preparation;

Coordinate with third parties including retirement plan management, accountants, and others regarding Firm financials;

Regular review and analysis of all aspects of Firm financials to determine cash flow, profit & loss, and partner distributions;

Assist in developing and implementing Firm strategic plan;

Other duties as assigned by Firm Management Committee.

Operational Management

Lead Kramer Rayson’s annual insurance renewals including health, malpractice, liability, cyber and other policies;

Oversee Firm’s information technology needs and systems with assistance from Firm Information Technology Director;

Supervise and coordinate Firm Administrator, Information Technology Director, Billing Manager, and Front Office Administrator and other administrative staff;

Manage special projects as directed by Firm Management Committee;

Coordinate Firm’s physical space needs and liaison with Building Management regarding maintenance and other issues;

Provide general business and Firm management oversight;

Oversee Firm’s policies regarding compliance with conflicts, client confidences, and data security.

Market Strategy and Planning

Understand the need for practice growth and work with the Management Committee to develop and implement Firm-wide and niche strategic marketing plans in support of the business goals and objectives of the Firm;

Work closely with leadership to assure approved marketing plans support the desired client personas and messaging;

Develop and manage the marketing budget for an effective, fiscally conscious strategy;

Coordinate with third party marketing, social media, search engine optimization and similar vendors to ensure timely, current, and consistent messaging;

Lead, direct, and oversee all Firm–generated communications including client newsletters, in-house materials, and other materials;

Oversee the development, production, and inventory of collateral materials to support marketing programs including brochures, proposals, and promotional items/client gifts;

Lead, direct and oversee the Firm’s website, implementing continuous updates and other day-to-day functions;

Oversee advertising, marketing, newsletter, e-newsletter, and other communications as directed by the Firm.

Practice Growth Oversight

Assist in creating the appropriate tools, templates, and reports that will support the Firm’s strategic objectives and measure effectiveness;

Oversee business and marketing proposals and maintain a database to organize and maintain proposal documents and feedback;

Report opportunities, market drivers, and marketing trends to the Firm and make recommendations regarding potential growth areas;

Maintain an in-depth understanding of the Firm’s existing client and services mix.

Community Engagement

Help Firm attorneys establish and maintain relationships with key community leaders, strategic partners, and industry stakeholders;

Review Firm sponsorship opportunities considering overall strategic plan, and make appropriate proposals to the Firm;

Work with Firm attorneys to promote participation in professional, community, service, and social organizations;

Remain actively involved in professional and community organizations;

Proactively oversee participation and presence at trade shows, seminars, webinars, and other events to maximize visibility.

Attorney Recruitment and Retention

Develop and execute strategies that position the Firm as a great place to work, recognizing the need to reach new demographics in the emerging work force;

Ensure recruitment and retention strategies and materials align with the Firm’s marketing voice and share a common message;

Maintain consistent communication with all attorneys regarding performance and other objectives.

Professional Development

Remain current on legal management, recruitment, marketing trends through attending continuing education seminars and programs which focus on professional services management, recruitment, and marketing trends;

Develop proficiency and competence on Firm technologies, social media, and web technologies as required to adequately form job duties;


Bachelor’s degree in business related field required (Master’s Degree preferred);

Experience in financial management, business management, business strategy, marketing, and communications preferably in the service industry;

Proven history in managing overall business operations;

Solid technology aptitude, including experience with Excel, SEO, and social networking and marketing tools;

Motivated, self-starter;

Excellent presentations skills, including both verbal and written communications;

Ability to balance multiple priorities;

Ability to remain current with industry practice areas, Firm practices areas, clients, potential clients, and other constituencies;

Strong analytical and reasoning skills;

Strong networking and relationship building skills;

Strong organizational and administrative skills.

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