Local Government & Public Utilities

Kramer Rayson LLP has a strong history of representing municipalities, counties, and various governmental boards across Tennessee regarding a variety of legal issues. Our experienced attorneys provide comprehensive legal services to governmental organizations and entities, ensuring compliance and effective governance.

Our Legal Services

Our firm addresses a wide range of issues for local governments, including but not limited to:

  • City Charters
  • Civil Service
  • Contract Negotiation, Drafting, and Review
  • Employment Policies
  • Merit Boards
  • Municipal Annexation
  • Open Records Act Lawsuits
  • Ordinance Drafting
  • Public Utilities
  • Taxation
  • Tennessee State Laws
  • Zoning Laws

Day-to-Day Advisory and Complex Litigation

Our attorneys are equipped to represent governmental organizations and entities on a day-to-day advisory basis. We provide prompt feedback on zoning plans, interpret how federal statutes apply to local governments, and handle complex litigation and arbitration. Our team includes:

  • Warren L. Gooch
  • Edward G. Phillips
  • Thomas M. Hale
  • Robert L. Bowman
  • Betsy J. Beck
  • William J. Carver
  • Bryce E. Fitzgerald
  • Andrew M. Hale

Representing Public Utilities

Kramer Rayson LLP has decades of experience representing various public utilities in Tennessee, ranging from wastewater treatment to electric utilities. We address all types of regulatory compliance matters and provide general counsel services regarding employment concerns, contracts, and other issues.

Addressing Public Policy Matters

Our firm also has substantial experience in the following areas of public policy:

  • Regulatory Matters
  • Lobbying
  • Elections
  • Federal and Local Government Policies

Notable Cases

  • Municipal Annexation Dispute: We successfully represented a municipality before the Tennessee Supreme Court in a lawsuit brought by a neighboring municipality. Both municipalities laid claim to the same territory and sought to strike down the other’s annexation of that land. (City of Harriman vs. City of Kingston, et al., 2011 Tenn. LEXIS 576).
  • Fair Labor Standards Act Case: We defended a Tennessee municipality in a case involving the Fair Labor Standards Act with more than 70 plaintiffs. After handling detailed discovery and crafting a dispositive motion, we successfully negotiated a favorable settlement.

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