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2009 Labor & Employment Seminar

Public Employers’ New & Unique Issues

Robert L. Bowman
A discussion of issues relevant to public employers such as Fourth Amendment law as applied to drug and alcohol testing, strip searches, office searches, background checks, civil service issues and just cause, open meetings and public records requests, public employee unions, illegality of union memoranda of agreement for most cities, counties, and municipal utilities, and more.

Current Workplace Immigration Issues

Kate E. Tucker
Provides an update on the current topics related to immigration in the workplace including I-9 compliance, E-Verify at the state and federal level, and employment of foreign nationals (from hiring and providing leave to furloughs and/or termination), as well as a brief overview of what’s on the horizon for immigration reform under the new presidential administration. E-Verify PowerPointI-9 Compliance PowerPoint

Employment Law Update

Edward G. Phillips
Annual update of Supreme Court and significant federal and Tennessee appellate cases with special emphasis on implications for employers in key areas, including discrimination based on race, gender, age, and disability, harassment, retaliation, equal pay, the FMLA, employer investigations, and the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act.  PowerPoint

Being The Calm In The Storm

John C. Burgin Jr.
Employers know that economic turmoil leads to dramatic workforce changes. Be properly prepared for turmoil, whether planning for layoffs, job restructuring, delayed pay increases and running a “lean” workplace or, when conditions improve, new hiring decisions or restoring former employees to prior jobs.

Technology Trends

Charles E.Young Jr.
Learn about new gadgets, websites, and recent developments in technology and the laws governing it. Then, learn how these developments can affect-and even enhance-your employment practices. Presentation will include an update on the use of social networking sites in the employment context, and a segment on e-mail safety that you can take back to your workplace. PowerPoint

Labor At A Crossroads – Employee Free (No) Choice Act…Current Status…Possible Compromise Bills…New Organizing Tactics/Targets

Edward G. Phillips
If passed in its current form, the Employee Free Choice Act “EFCA”) will fundamentally change federal labor law, undermining the secret ballot election. Pro-Union provisions include shortening the time to negotiate a first contract and binding arbitration to decide the terms of the first contract. While Congress continues to debate several compromises over EFCA, just about any version of the law will tilt the playing field sharply in favor of labor unions. Union and non-union employers must be prepared to face new organizing tactics in light of EFCA and the unions’ sophisticated use of the Internet.  PowerPoint

Anatomy Of An Age Discrimination Complaint

John E. Winters
Given the current economic climate, employers are facing a dramatic increase in the number of age discrimination claims filed. Using a variety of hypothetical age discrimination scenarios, learn the early warning signs for age discrimination claims and how you and your client can reduce any liability associated with an age discrimination claim. With John C. Burgin Jr. and Betsy J. Beck.